15 tips to take back your morning

Here are 15 tips to take back your morning. Don’t know about you, but a lot of people find it difficult to wake up early:-)

Becoming a morning person isn’t very easy, but taking advantage of those early morning hours can make a huge difference in our productivity levels throughout the day.

The key is to start the night before, as in most cases our entire ecosystem has been built around sleeping late. A basic change of mindset is required as most of us fight going to sleep early, so that we can get more done. What we need to do is to consider sleep as the beginning of the next day, a time required to “recharge the batteries”.

Determine how many hours of sleep your body requires and count backwards from there. Be practical, many of us are already sleep deprived so reducing sleep by even another hour will just set you up for failure. The only way to be successful is to go to bed earlier.

To be able to sleep earlier we will also have to adjust our dinner time, which optimally should be at least two to three hours before bedtime so as to fall asleep & get a good night’s rest.

Generally speaking, if we take a little time preparing, the chances of success becomes a reality.

This infographic pulls together research from sleep experts and productivity thought leaders to help you not only take back your morning, but add hours to your week.

Want to become a morning person, but don’t know where to start? Check out the infographic below from Entrepreneur for tips on maximising the early morning hours so you can get a jumpstart on your day.

15 tips to take-your-mornings-back-infographic




Author: The Healthist

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