This websiteMind_Body_Spirit_And_Fitness_Wellbeing is an attempt to help those of us, including myself, who have been caught up in the rigours of life, for many years if not decades, to pay more attention to our own health and fitness along with that of our near and dear ones.

In this process, we at www.thehealthist.com are collating as much information as possible from around the globe & thus can also be your source of topics ranging from personal health to environmental issues and beyond as we strive to bring you the latest as well as the most ancient in alternative thoughts and therapies.

Sifting through new medical studies that come out each week can be daunting, but if we want to live longer & healthier we deserve to know which studies matter to our personal health, and why and how. We want all the insights on how medical and dietary research pertains to us, in a straightforward manner, which makes sense & is without scientific jargon or fluff….. and that’s exactly what you will get with our newsletters!

At The Healthist, we look at “Health” as all-encompassing – a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity and infact can be further amplified to include the ability to lead a “socially and economically productive life”.

Also, generally speaking, most of us are yet to fully comprehend the power and connection between health of the mind and body. To seriously get any positive result and to adhere to any health regime, a correct mindset is primal. Without that, the chances of any qualitative result is almost zero. Most people do not take the importance of positive mental attitude into account while embarking into a healthy lifestyle or a diet and thus may face failure within a short span of time.

Our mind is a very powerful instrument, and it can dictate changes in our behavior. When we are faced with a difficult situation, our mind will decide whether we will give up hope or make the necessary effort to overcome the problem. If we have a negative mindset, our ability to achieve a goal will be limited, but a positive mental attitude will ensure that we will not give up until we have reached our goal. Take for example – dieting, where a positive mindset can help us overcome our limitations, temptations, disappointments and emotional frustrations, to make our weight loss endeavour an absolute success.

So, who is this website for?

This website is for anyone who chooses to be a “Healthist” because they want to.

In other words, if you are among those who make healthy choices at least some of the time, when you want, and because they make you feel good, then this is the website for you.

……………and who knows, one day soon you will be making more healthy choices then not!! 🙂

choices we can make

But remember, ultimately it’s not about the choices you make either, but why you make them and to do that, does your mind fully endorse you ? if yes, then you have already won half the battle .

You will find it’s the only way you’ll actually stick with them!

If you have questions , feel free to ask via comments. but don’t forget, even we are researching on it and can give our opinion based on our personal experience and research. Also, while we will do our best, if for some reason you feel that some program/content is lacking, then do bring it to our notice.

We update this website weekly, so check back periodically, and be sure to tell your friends!